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    POLICE MAIL ORDER FORM REQUIRED FOR THIS PRODUCT - DETAILS BELOW. This is a simple and relatively quick process so don't be deterred!


    (If you don't see your thread size in the list (opposite), please leave a note when checking out to specify what you need).


    The most effective suppressor in NZ - independently tested.


    The Hardy Stealth was designed around one goal - maximum sound reduction! This being said, we have restricted it's size and weight to ensure it is not too cumbersome to use.


    The design is based around gas recirculation and gas manipulation. As the gas is circulated inside the suppressor it uses up it's energy, and as the gas uses it's energy it cools and slows down. When it gets to the point where it is to leave the muzzle of the suppressor, it is travelling considerably slower than when it entered the suppressor. The gas speed is actually below the speed of sound; that's why it is so quiet, and that's what makes it so impressive.


    .22 - .243 cal / .25 - .284 cal / .30 cal


    150mm muzzle forward

    150mm over barrel

    44.5 outside diameter


    32-38db reduction

    5 year limited warranty


    (Please note: The bushing provided is not yet machined to suit your rifle. This will need to be carried out by your gunsmith - or - we can do this for you.  Please supply us with an accurate barrel diameter where the bushing will meet the barrel - diagram showing how to do this in images)


    POLICE MAIL ORDER FORM REQUIRED FOR THIS PRODUCT - Please see the "Online Order Police Process" page at the top of this screen (only required if we are shipping the product to you). This is a simple and relatively quick process so don't be deterred! If you are planning to collect the product from our store you do not need to fill out this form - just bring your Firearms License with you.


    Stock levels vary on a daily basis and some products may need to be customised. If there is going to be a delay, we will contact you within 48 hours of placing your order.​​​​​​​


    PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to have us fit your suppressor, your rifle will need to be delivered to us (at your expense).  Our delivery address for courier is 21 Armstrong Street, Palmerston North. Upon completion, you can collect your item OR we can courier it to a business address of your choice (as per courier policy). Call us on 06 357 8211 if you have any questions.

    • SPECS

      Includes: Suppressor, GST.

      Muzzle forward 150mm

      Over barrel 150mm

      Weight 425 grams

      Outside diameter 44.5mm


      For calibres:

      Suits all calibres up to  300WM. Please see Suppressor Model Calibre Limits for specifics.


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