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Justin Amor / @justwildnz

Hunter & Content Creator


My goal is always to try and live multiple lives of adventure in one lifetime.

We truly are what we eat and for me that connection to the land and the recognition of where our family's meat comes from is everything.

The last 4 years 99% of our home cooked meals are wild game. Basically if I haven't shot it, speared it or hooked it....we don't eat it. I need to know where and how that animal died. I need to have that blood on my hands and know that no one else has done my dirty work. I'm a qualified chef and my wife is the most amazing home cook. The back story and respect of field to plate is of the up-most importance to us.

I train to hunt, so I'm always ready to hit the hills/mountains when there's a good weather window and I'm so grateful to have an incredible wife that knows, for me to be the best version of myself I need to find it in the mountains. Finding the adventure and excitement in every day helps teach my kids by example & trying to be the most loving husband is what drives me.

Justwildnz is all about the viewer and the adventurer within. It's in us all, you just need to dig deep and find yours. The best part of our lives should be in front of us and not behind. I believe this is only earned and not gifted...

I appreciate you.

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More coming... watch this space

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