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    Kit consists of 1 Shooting Sling and 2 Quick Detach Sling Swivels.


    A sling so strong it might actually be bomb proof.


    The quick adjustment allows you to change the sling length to suit what gear you have on you and how you need to carry the rifle. Use on one shoulder for the walk in and be able to quickly sling it across your back and sinch it tight to get through a gnarly section without the rifle flopping about.


    The quick adjust buckle gives the sling the ability to be used as a shooting aid that with a bit of practice can turn a very shaky shooting position into one that you can confidently take shots from. You have worked hard enough to get somewhere to shoot from, allow the sling to do some work for you.


    The bungy section reduces the shock loading of your rifle on your shoulder as you are walking -  meaning that on long walks in the sunshine with your rifle you are less fatigued when it counts (it also means that you should not feel the need to sacrifice on the quality of optics on your rifle to save a couple of grams when the sling makes it all feel weightless - #getthatnightforce


    Made by Sabre Tactical who bring you the finest tactical gear on the market. Using only the best raw materials and extensive testing - Have peace of mind that your gear lives up to its reputation of being designed for battle.

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