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    POLICE MAIL ORDER FORM REQUIRED FOR THIS PRODUCT - Please see the "Online Order Police Process" page at the top of this screen (only required if we are shipping the product to you). If you are planning to collect the product from our store you do not need to fill out this form - just bring your Firearms License with you.


    Produced on request, 2-3 week lead time once order has been placed.


    Hardy match grade carbon barrel (barrel only) - This price does not include any machining, or fitting.


    If you would like your rifle re-barreled, please contact us.

    If the contour you are after is not in the menu, please contact us.


    (Please note, the 21mm profile is for non-magnum cartridges only)


    The carbon wrapping used on the Hardy barrels is carried out using low resin, high strength, pre-impregnated carbon cloth.


    The barrels are wrapped using the same types of carbon found in ultra-light racing cars and racing yachts.

    The barrels incorporate the same carbon with the similar limiting design found in the spars and spreaders used in the American cup racing boats, which are at the leading edge of carbon fibre design and technology in the world.


    The latest and most advanced methods are used in designing the way the barrels are laid up. Every contour is laminated specifically to that contour to give the most strength and rigidity for that specific carbon wall thickness. This is not a one way suits all system.


    The cloth is far from normal carbon cloth, giving us a very different result to that of other products. When this is combined with the patented nanotech interwound bonding layer it changes the behaviour of the carbon laminate. This is due to its unique ability to make the laminate react to harmonic stress as a complete unit as opposed to normal laminate which reacts layer by layer.

    Normal carbon wrapping methods spread the stress over the localised area which at times can lead to catastrophic failure. The patented nanotech spreads all loading and stress over the entire laminate dissipating the pressure and stress.


    With the barrel harmonics dampened to such a high degree, an extreme level of shot to shot consistency is the end result.


    The Hardy barrel inside the carbon, is 100% made in New Zealand, from 416R stainless steel. It is CNC gun drilled, precision reamed, button rifled, fully stress relieved, hand lapped and CNC contoured.

    When this level of carbon fibre technology is combined with our match winning Hardy barrels the results have to be seen to be believed!




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